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Write t上海千花网坊HGhe scallion love before me

all15Write the scallion love before meWrite the scallion love before meLike a lot of love story, be like the happening with the dramatic however experience that ever was acquainted to be beside my, do not have howeverThose who live together together is sweet, the story that sees photograph resembling every time brings back me always however to my past, a your person is hurtThe past of feeling, more cannot the past of dismiss from one’s mind, want to appear to treat feeling at that time now a bit cursory, because ofFor we do not understand really at that time, what to know to be called — love. Good luck coincidence and she is acquainted a month at the university entrance exam, she in those days is a technical secondary school protects the student of school, withBe in like me the burning hot graduation in June. Our acquaintance is complete profit from I at that time abandon friend that, because of himlittle sister and she is in same a dormitory, the one arrow of ” that the good impression at that time is like to say now is loving ” . IgnorantKnow the feeling that know to be under the insecurity of the university entrance exam and real pressure grow rise, of dynamic of like a raging fire additionalPerson envy, the classmaster at that time lost a hope to me, he thinks love can make school work completely bedraggled, and IThe self-confidence that objects however is faced, then we are in others envy and the distained love that we develop in the eyes. In the day of the love that then Duan Lingren has a fever, lean close to of photograph of our depend on each other, the romance of dribs and drabs is in brainThe picture that form one Zhang Zhangqing clear and throbs, because be,perhaps be namely before the university entrance exam, be in such making that the person is nervousAlways, in that way love just lets a person remember to the end of one’s life, but most one those who let me forget hard still is that day is full ofOf sunshine afternoon, because from at that time we built feeling really. The look that each other has good opinion lies prepare for war what show everyday in the day of the university entrance exam is very nervous, the association of word phrase veryDifficult satisfy us the youth of these warm blood. I did not go up that afternoon evening is self-educated, and she also is risking the danger that is call-overed and me to make an appointment to be satisfied with likewiseThe tea house of meaning. What we chat is very happy, completely one kind meets the feeling that hates evening, time appears here intended with usOppose, those who pass is so fast, so that our feeling talked about one small conference only, actually this hut should have been hitMelt. We of special feel disappointed come out from tea house, do not have method to be forced to continue on the pew of the shopping mall again, weChatted a lot of, chat to will come from in the past, the junior and flighty respecting from now is the following grandiose blue print, time is likeContinue with our oppose, the watch looked to just discover us when those who chat is about the same two people cannot be answered earlyGo to a dormitory. Do not have method, we thought all local discovery that can go also were not compared again go to the place with better classroom(she is them at that time the class takes the key) , we expended 9 Niu Erhu’s effort to break up from high school fenceAt the door the classroom of their class, but unluckily however so artful, her as it happens did not take the key, the choice that we also do not have, be forced to rely on in the doorway of the classroom to continue to rise a little, although very tired but very happy. Although the air temperature of the middle ten days of a month in May is higher, but was bei上海后花园论坛ng controlled at 4 o’clock in before dawn still is quite cold, do not know to beWhat my old man student freezes unexpectedly quiver, she sees my pitiful look, the sympathetic body that invites me to stand in herHind, she blocks wind for me I am very warm, be placed in she and door because of me among, be apart from her so very close, whenI when breathe to have bit of insecurity, what with oneself beloved person leans is so close, have a kind of ineffable impulse, Want to hold her in the arms very much really, but arrive as a child,big traditional idea debar from holding office is worn oneself, rational conquer actuation, weAlso such one before one hind continuity is chatting. She cried suddenly, those who cry is very sad, I at that time true feeling is at a loss what to do, do not know how to should goComfort her, more do not know why she cries, be because moment of my the university entrance exam is about to part company, ? My feeling veryRandom, random do not know a defeat, she started to talk eventually, a result that makes a person special be accepted hard, she is to have maleOf the friend! My feeling seemed to be pricked deeply by his very trustful person at that time one knife, manage very hard reallySolution. She abrupt face about will hold me in arms, cannot think of completely, what complex state of mind is full of me is wholeNerve, she says her to just discover through interacting with me the person that fits her really is me to me, what she cries is very sentimental, withI also like her very much when, the love place上海2020龙凤JY that is gotten thoroughly in my complex in her tear state of mind so is deliquescent. IPeople cried, the feeling is like was to experience 1000 hearts 10 thousand suffering just encounter the other side same, we very of exert oneself to do sth the other sideHold firmly, such we built the love at that time. Sweet love let the child that I am about to want this to take an examination of an university forget the pressure of the university entrance exam, faded from his memory almostEverything, the feeling wants other whats are secondary to be together with her only, be in of the university entranc新上海龙凤魔都新茶论坛RFe exam before today we are returned in the eveningTo wear emotive dispute is quarrelling all the time, when going up to have a person hardly till whole ave, we just make a noiseBe over, hold the other side in the arms to turn over a wall to went to a dormitory resting hurriedly each other. Can be imagined my the university entrance exam very failure, of failure oneself dare not believe, the eyes of family member disappointment, Kin indissolubles bearing, at that time a variety of is opposite for me it doesn’t matter, I am more relaxed, because I found lifeMedium other in part. I basically do not fear where I can be to go to school later, because I feel present university has been compared,entered, With respect to me that achievement is informal last schools are possible still, so I am enmeshed in the sweetness of love everyday. But the university entrance exam ends near 10 come day when I call to her she always is not received however, perhaps be othersReply I, I also did not feel incorrect, just feel she stopped egoistically a bit, after hitting 3 days continuously, IDid not find her, I am very angry, it is when I am the angriest her phone eventually get through, although I am very angry, But the voice that hears oneself beloved person, in the heart furious run into thin air, just blamed her, Can be she is priggish however say we part company, I feel she is joking with me at that time, because,feelMy blame her to get angry, I to her apology, but she admits to say to did not get angry me really really, let me forgetpreviously, she blesses me to be able to find me to lay the other in part that hit the target, said to hang the phone, have bit of lose, I made the telephone call again, her cold laugh says, was heard? We parted company. I still do not wishBelieve such setting, but she feels a bit irritated however,be hit to her all the time so, flat do not receive, direct willMy phone hang up, hit two days continuously, she eventually insufferable say to me, because,she looks for me at that time is she maleThe friend is outer the ground, very alone accompany without the person just, say they had lived together, let me give up thought, inAgain blessing while I find other in part hang up phone. Say manhood has a tear to fall not gently, fight with others at ordinary times I what leave so much blood not to weep am controlled however notLive holding a phone in the arms to cry, the love of first time of all one’s life however so injure a person, and still be built went up the university entrance

exam. Sad, very sad really. Lengthy period of leave lets the heart that I get hurt this restore a bit slowly, but want to rise only or very feel distressed, I do not know how I spend so endless vacation, carelessly held a school in the arms to also went to school. Of the school messy, of the mood depressing yield my one day seems like a year. To cast off such anguish then I am in oftenWork outside, the hardships that uses the job comes the pain of diluent heart. Big one so faint the past of shocking shocking, have any places that deserve memory hardly, just feel tired. Big 2 be received to come so, when but be in,be about to end last term, I go up in my QQSaw her suddenly leave a message, she tells me she and her boy friend to the life feels improper really together, she becomes awareStill must be I suit her quite, she hopes me can again she gives a chance, she checks the phone of my dormitory even, like thatThere is a telephone call after hard narrate she and her boy friend are improper a variety of, she says her very I am sorry I, hope canBegin afresh with her, I what word also did not say at that time, said only: Respect oneself feeling please. Next IVery quiet hang up phone, I feel very strange, I am so hope previously she can com新上海龙凤EFe to me a phone, Can be me opposite situation is however when receiving her telephone call. I understood later, love is mutual valued. Only two people respect love each other, such lovejust be real love. Writing so much a上海花千坊爱上海ERlso is a memory…Writing so much also is a memory… This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-10-11 21:54 editors4 editors

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