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Qi上海千花兼职HGeerxi changes smart move- – thank you, dimateao!

all6Qieerxi changes smart move- – thank you, dimateao!    Qieerxi changes smart move — thank you, dimateao! Know to there are a lot of footballs to confuse in SIS, so while in high spirits was written so a thing about the football. Saw Beinitesi take over a job today Dimateao’s news, he also do not say to go out is what is experienced, justFeel time is like water, bai Ju is too unoccupied place…Return the setting that the Muliniao before ever remembering a few years and Beinitesi match powers, also remembering his is be fed up with howLiverpudlian this advocate handsome. But time passes and the situation has changed, he has taken over La Jun nowadays, I do not know I am after allA kind of what kind of mood, early forecasts the failure that is in international Milan to him, also do not like him very much teach windCase, but hope La Jun can gain a success in his hand really at the same time, at least, do not give damage Qieerxi. I am a fan, qieerxi’s fan, begin to like this to support team from 2001, calculate come down alreadyVia having more than 10 long time. Experience is too too much the dribs and drabs about Qieerxi, wind storm rain, from in those days eruptiveDoor say, to contend Barcelona, arrive again the incident of case of injustice later, as the fan of a La Jun, I am already rightWhat these seeing is very weak. The sports season game that watchs La Jun thoroughly is from 3 – 4 sports season, especially Ou Guan, special regrettabllyThe ground falls in me below the foot of the Moluntesi上海龙凤阁 of special appreciation, and Monaco also was in to death later guide Qieerxi in the futureIn the hand of the Muliniao that makes powerful group truly, may, this is a destiny really, it is gut. After Mu Shuai is taken over, give La Jun infuse the disposition of iron blood, this kind of disposition, it is to like cling to Sa in that way rackThe fan place of running water cannot understand and admire, I am obsessed with deeply. But successive a few years a few coaches are defeatedof Beinitesi Liverpudlian, every time engage in a battle is the argue of blood and blood, it is door line unsettled case of 5 years only, Feel dejected in the heart, the imitate test that does even the Israel army expert later proves that ball to was not entered at all, But had gone very long, paid no attention to, otherwise, do not have the Istanbul miracle later. Like Qieerxi to make the sense of powerful group namely, bright, true bright, with 4 Liverpudlian: 4, walunxiInferior 2: 1 , cling to 4 of Sa: 3… the passion of such warm blood, I refuse without method. Muscovite dirty night, let me see what makes fail to build a mound for want of one final basket of earth-fall short of success for lack of a final effort for the first time, also let me contain hated for a long time. ThisThe happening of case of injustice of calm blessing bridge, I began to produce despair to the football, also did not have to this game really look forward to. But the field installing couplet this year, it is me really these year of depressed discomfort had better abreact! I believe everybody is same, do not have extravagant hopes at all Qieerxi can somewhat behead is obtained, but she is accomplished namely. Go all out all the way kill come over, dropped Naples from behead after this bone, I know Qieerxi is certain canConquer cling to Sa 上海贵族宝贝sh1314enters finals, because I saw La Jun again in those days courage and uprightness! If really, two bouts are faced cling to Sa, The person does not have Qieerxi any dreading, play the style that gave oneself completely, face up to on this world the most powerfulteam, we were accomplished, block great Barcelona outside the door of finals! I am in as a result of the job when finals go out poor, everyday very busy very tired, the business is very much, follow beside the manager, andAnd there is very important thing in the morning the following day, balance very long, still did not see this final. When awaking the following day, I have tear with respect to the corner of the eye that feels my, I remember the final of before dawn suddenly, The tear that I do not know to my tear is a victory or failure are pungent. Those who open television just in time to see CCTV is newHear the introduction, day day is in 5 times the reports this match detail of large space. There is score circumstance on the picture, IAlso do not have the message of any match results. I look at a purpose introduction dedicatedly. Mu Le scores a goal, my heart does itQuiver, head pins and needles, be without consciousness, to Deluoba break even score, my excited tear flows continuously, arrive again heartOf Luo Ba foul, I think this is the fun of the destiny, the hero that lets a goal goes the dream of finish team, arrive again cutHe Pu gives bit of ball, that momently I am true definitely bank, all all things happened, my Qieerxi is returnedIt is not dead, I know, I know she should give me everything what I want! Yes, happened finally, cut hertz be overBeautiful expression, of Deluoba accomplish in one move, happened, I am

European champion! I am not emperor horse, Liverpudlian, Milan is big in that way the fan of ear cup frequenter, also not be cling to Sa, graceful couplet in that wayBe used to the fan of champion, I am the fan of a Qieerxi. Will begin May from this year, I 上海千花网坊begin to believe my, Believe a miracle, believe to want only recumbent oneself effort, one step by step hold 苏州4197龙凤论坛to, final result, regular meeting is oppositeRemove you pay and try hard! My pr上海千花宝贝esent job and life and psychosis are very good, qieerxi is in my heart, her fetch, In my blood. I should thank Dimateao, this transfers coach, I no matter whether you have powerful group holdTeach competence, I no matter how does people look you, but I know, you once gave me such La Jun fan broughtExtremely wonderful joy, enough. Wish you everything is well. There is Lanpade to kiss the photograph of pot in my room now, look every morning so, spiritCentuple, hard extremely! Hard extremely!! This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-11-23 10:35 editors5 editors

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