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Ask a day- – devo上海419论坛贵族宝贝tional

all9Ask a day- – devotional              Ask a day — devotionalIs the world the appearance that we imagine now? Are we the appearance that we imagine now? EavesWhat is time? This has appeared in the earliest document… Qu Yuan ” the day asks ” in. Exploration counts chiliad, not, several years, tens of all ages, hundreds all ages, be born to begin from the mankind. But, we are expecting a kind logical, of a kind of expectation accord with us, a kind more canBring us the pursuit of passion and dream, a kind of better religion. Look in me, a kind of any advanced belief, perhaps saying directly is a kind of religion, it is people is in neverthelessA kind of theory that at that time actual condition lays one kind when form what explore place of sealed a kind of ego to expect as a result, A kind of is mental totem culture that can say is academic. The mankind, probably, a kind of biology, another kind of biology, of advance wave upon wave exploring this kind is sealed, andHope unlock she. Now, this plants the mankind more advanced wisdom species, in the sacrifice of the exploration of ceaseless effort and advance wave upon waveLater, accumulated wisdom precipitation is in qualitative change. I do not think what is devotional or the religion previously of what is a mistake, can explain only, at that timeBelow, people can fashion such academic belief temporarily only, they are not perfect, have very big drawback. Now with respect to citing, on the world theistic, atheistic, arguing all the time. Of short duration lifts ” theistic ” exemple: Christian, its think the world has dictate of a god, he is this worldauthor, adam Eve became human father and mother, its religion doctrine is talking a hand with mental dictate, but, Little imagine, the composition of the world is to build on corporeal foundation, form human soul those who be essence, worldOf all in spirit gods of the bound in be being designed beforehand, people is living it is to enter heaven, make oneself do not want as far as possibleEnter hell, people is living came for endure hardships namely, suffer god this creates our dictate we get a god to displease, A kind of simple metempsychosis and a kind of life like ascetic practices monk, for stable peace steady progress of the society, the mankind is in essence of lifeThe work below magical magical depres上海花千坊1314sion passed mediaeval, when this kind belief also is not created again when giving productivity, our metempsychosisEnded, belief exits historical arena gradually, become totem of a spirit. If if the god returns alive word, So, he should believe associate to his dutiful that is about to disappear people help, no longer the lives in heaven spirit of metempsychosisFetch people, also should feel empty with loneliness, the world over there too peace and make your mind sharp without pressureWill arrive formidably broke down. In god above what be? Did not make judge the world, they should be more strongBig, be him only child civilian punier and punier. But, before sacred advent, who be in上海千花 女生自荐 dominant universe? Of the universe outside outside what be? Then, ” spiritualistic ” with ” materialistic ” was born in succession! Mentalistic: Since the person’s inner world has subjective activity, the creation that tries hard and enjoyment! “千花网论坛约会归来 gone yuan know all things sky ” , still care so much dry, of individualistic insanity spread to come, then, The society is changing, theist is hit so that lose armet to abandon armour before atheistic creation invention, but, abandonthe world of their dictate, let these bedlamite people go ego is destroyed! Then, capitalism of culture have the aid of is in” revive ” , capitalist people came, the law of jungle. Darwin was analysed to real world of the surface a fewYear, reached eventually a such rules, again the question that the surface does not pass… the law of jungle, eventually, briefOnly question was complicationed by him. The thought that the key is people was liberated eventually, did not manacle, begin insanity, Seemed to will leave their the body! Cheer for capitalism! Materialistic: Of course, actual society still is like person meaning very much, be born from the mankind begin, did not stopHad stopped to explore, go with destiny make a stand against. Living in capitalist society also is like person meaning very much, and, hindThe development that come more and more be inferior to person meaning, be inferior to at the outset people thinks in that way, then, a few often have a rough time press press approachpeople begins to think, the society that ponders over them to be created below condition of this society belief gave what error after all, They are indignant, painful, helpless, confused with begin farther arousal or go backwards, or belief of religion of have the aid of is paralyticOneself, perhaps seek new outlet, then, the birth with a kind of new automatical dream! Ideal society advocateJustice — scientific socialism — communism… , mad. We should create the world that belongs to our, A person of thought awareness says. The spirit that he became us — Marx. Then, build in emancipatory anguishBy oppressor foundation over, build on foundation of tie imparity society, ideal society was born gradually. Old horse judge all sorts of thoughts, and acceded a lot of thoughts, become word eventually, the materialist beginsAppeared. The fight of people was released gradually a few, but, the affliction of people did not decrease. But, heDo not understand a bit, if the biology without thinking is again developmental also won’t developmental the biology to have an idea, theyWithout in that way congenital condition, and a lot of spirit are mystical phenomenon up to now cannot by our oversight its reality exists,, for example, we forecasted the disaster that real world should produce in the future, it is a common boy only, heThe plane that knows oneself are about to take suddenly however will crash! Who tells him? Whether spirit breaks away from material to produceWas born to not be planted the material that change makes its surmounted his place to depend on! Of ceaseless be in the news the first time open enters Egypt gold wordThe person that be cursed when the tower is breathtaking in succession gone message, the on-the-spot record of the soul after various family member is dead reports! All sorts ofAll kinds of spirit puts the story that be in alone, we go up in all sorts of data already common occurance, in the following narrateMy general is listed to everybody one by one in. Now, what I should say is, materia魔都新茶论坛listic occurrence did not make us unfixed, Instead, our life is more confused, is people living after all for what? How should people live after all? InConfused with sealed before, we were immersed in more wild action in, the society continues confused, human outletIn He Fang? Of our life all the more without the h

ope, do not know to who should believe! Look in me, all human civilized achievement is to build in live over the foundation in all sorts of belief (inHere, for the moment culture of belief of all sorts of superstition the mankind, totem, religion, the philosophical belief that reachs half maturity saysFor belief) under the influence. Belief created the stuff that exceeds reality. Mr Cang Jie had not read a book to invent the oldest character however; SummerThis belief that great figure uses people initiated the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty the slavery of old an ancient name for China is civilized; Bourgeois person peopleIn the epoch that capitalism initiated with the spirit like the hero under the leader of mentalistic culture; Subsequently, a flock ofPoor mad proletarian people socialism was built below the leader of the old gentleman that surnames a horse in, try hard to side withThe communistic ideal set out that they think. Devotional, it is the child of a kind of great philosophy, no matter it is howbackward with not perfect, it is be not movable in its that society environment shake, it is relative to Yan ZuiweiBig. Our belief builds the base in them namely over. And now, we live in a confused society that is suspected, devotional more and more be replaced by actual place, The biggest belief does not have belief namely. Scientific, the thing of a kind of dogmatic style can live to be depended on referencedly as usAccording to, and the inner world that we leave us however is further and further, our spirit is more and more alone with confused. We by serious life burden place tired, by actual social place confused, final, stimulate in material onlyIn coma ego, living, perhaps waiting to die namely, just be in repeat generation the human place of another generation wants numerousDerived the program of breath to stop. Await us, will be forever confused with final destruction? Actually, having in the oldest belief the most primitive also be the purest thing, it probably how-toMental outlet, an alone inner world that can offer上海千花宝贝 us walks out of confused road. Here has the totem, Have belief, have mythological fokelore, have religious belief, have various Thomism. Above all, with respect to the tentative idea in old religious doctrine, I think, the prophecy of metempsychosis is must, the soul shouldIt is one kind grows the material that the information segment place that rise forms, this respect, we cannot the proof of authentic he notExist, as subsistent material, I believe its existence, just accompanying those who depend on appendages to disappear with metempsychosis, They also metempsychosis, it is the body that resembles a person same, break up and reset, with a kind new entity appears in eavesIn time, and I believe, in the universe, a kind of force can make they return original phenomenon, flow backwards like days, Resemble be in time channel we are returned once upon a time. Additional, superstition thought also should have his really a bit content, resemble geomantic computation, this should be a kind of numberThe phenomenon of test and verify of chiliad experience place, it is we did not explain only, also do not explain now, but in general feelingBesides below, this respect can believe a little really. This is a problem that is worth to be discussed for a long time, need those abhorrentLovely scientists unlock. Next, philosophy, should be the religious doctrine that was close to a kind of scientific evolution approximately, we like willIts call belief. Hegelian idealism, the materialism of Marx, etc, take its strong point, spiritualisticLet liberate ego, go creating, go passion; Materialism lets face reality, esteem is objective, develop evenly. AlthoughInevitable obliterated the soul analytic with mental a home to return to, these classify occultism categories. Pick of content contest season, the development in the fight is inevitable, but the pattern that did not see cosmic metempsychosis however. WeJust be cosmic metempsychosis, spatio-temporal metempsychosis is ceaseless recombine with ego metempsychosis, everything is not had only then without eventually, we are wantedThose who strive for is powerful in ceaseless metempsychosis, what place should do is creation and challenge. We everything to be apt to, and be full of passion. And be full of passion.. This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-10-9 14:20 editors0 editors

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