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Face funeral cadaver, pe上海龙凤阁rhaps the content below can raise you live odds

all20Face funeral cadaver, perhaps the content below can raise you live oddsSay I write the original intention of this card above all, be in today Euramerican an area search is horrible piece when, innocentlyThe movie of subject matter of cadaver of a funeral is found again between, the undergraduate is duller alive, idle will can look for bit of horror piece lookLook, see horror piece I like blind research again, my general is horrible a cent division of subject matter of homicide of person of subject matter of phantom of subject matter of the cadaver that it is funeralLearn subject matter of an eccentric person (I calculate catastrophic subject matter do science fiction piece) horrible piece, for example ” 上海外菜会所odd form ” of this film backside eastOzonosphere is told about namely on the west empty will antarctic ice and snow melts, thereby ” give off ” the strange look that has infection capacity; ” biochemical crisis ” those who tell about is the harm that biological weapon causes is waited a moment. While fear feels, generation letting a person also isThe environment is protected in vigilant people, for the mankind live reduce a weapon to produce equivalent fruit, fully faint give pair of future livesOne kind of the bound is anxious. And funeral cadaver virus, it is real life in a kind when spark the most easily, be opposite as people geneAnd the research of virus is thorough, inevitable, the mankind can step certain forbidden zone, cause biochemical crisis therebyerupt. These things also are not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors it seems that, the United States had been opened live about the maneuver at funeral cadaverMove. Above all, we understand the genetic funeral cadaver of funeral cadaver first, euramerican denomination also has those who call ghoul, one kindRaw meat is the body that feed, with respect to the reflection of myself, its may be some kind of virus more have transmission carry, also haveThe person that the person believes this is the travel of a legendary venomous insect of a kind of witch from Tartarean call in, have the place of a few likeness with the corpse of Chinese hearsay, If the body is renascent, feed in order to live artificially, the body is inflexible wait. The transmission way of funeral cadaver virus: Appear in certain filmAir travels, but the blood that be by accepted transmission way travels. The means that funeral cadaver forages, vision and hearing are in the majority, But do not eliminate biochemical virus to arouse human body to degrade capacity of old the 6th perception, this kind of ability by accepted existence, For example dog can the advent of inductive earthquake, expert cannot. The weakness of funeral cadaver: Accepted is the head, cerebrum is human bodyControl center, even if be held by virus place, principle should also won’t differ a lot of, think to be able to be attacked under the counter neverthelessBroken vertebral the campaign that also can suspend funeral cadaver effectively. It is funeral cadaver does not have wisdom next, carry as virus even baseThis biologic study ability is nonexistent. When some day morning you hear hooter is ceaseless, transmit intense report of a gun even, see in news about atThe person bites reportorial time of the person, how do you maintain small order again, perhaps save the dear one beside you? One, above all youWant to keep calm inside the shortest time, your family member is called inside the shortest time, search as far as possible around can findarticles for daily use, collect the person that the part was not affected, wait to rescue in the home, I explain to had better not try hereThe graph drives escape toward suburban, the army is met for certain the person that get an information for a short while and try to eliminate the infection inside the city, anotherThe side will be tight on the way that gives a city add interrogate and examine to expand in order to prevent infection bureau region, and the number that gives a city is more can buildInto block, when the city the infection inside cannot be prevented, the person that affect goes up to the way that gives a city with respect to probable dissociate, be blocked upGo up in the road cannot the life of move puts odds minimum. 2, pay close attention to news, the radio is necessary, understand virusFulminant detailed circumstance, analyse next appropriate undertake transferring. 3, virus erupts a few days inside, build simple and easydefence works, study uses a weapon. 4, look for map of a piece of town, flourishing a sector of an area and crowd collect steer clear of the ground, allThe quantity is the way that has spendable weapon on the way, prepare partial provision and weapon, to the move outside town. The choice of lash-up articles for daily use: 1 , food, should choose to compress model food, the advantage is quantity of heat tall, not easy decay (cankered food will be seriousThe health of minatory crowd) , facilitate carry. 2, mineral water is necessary, erupt in virus after 1 week, fountainhead may be polluted, the tap water of domestic userThose who use is electric power pump, the likelihood after 1 week power company is already nonexistent, can not move a step without water general. 3, medicines and chemical reagents, in precautionary biochemistry virus while the menace that also should prevent other virus, especially tetanic virusWith cold virus, in the move of extreme nervousness, the patient can become the burden of whole group. 4, binoculars of the candle, batteries, flashlight, lighter, night vision device is in may be occupied by funeral cadaver considering power stationBelow the case that get, nightly illume still is necessary, but use these article carefully please, it may let youIn nightly expose your position the person that prey people. 5, open a lock implement although do not want to admit very much, but when epidemic situation erupts, a thief that can open a lock adroitly may be comparedHead of a chunk more benefit at whole group live. 6, the dead body of garment pants funeral of rope and thick wear-resisting is very because you are one is worn,won’t wear the beauty of socks of high-heeled shoes black silkFemale issue show mercy to your mouth, such dressing up is 上海贵族宝贝sh1314burdensome simply in quick action. 7, mountain-climbing bag facilitates carry article, mountain-climbing bag is for field live of preparation, have strong, the size is large waitAdvantage. 8, mapAbove equipment survives in supermarket and field the club can be foundThe choice of the weapon: Somebody head pushs firearms, after those who combine China is actual I think this is blind talk nonsense. 1 , cold enginery: Blunt implement He Rui implement, choose to have long power more the odds that is helpful for decreasing to be contac爱上海DFted with funeral cadaver, longShovel of handle shovel short handle all is right choice, can ramble more additionally hardware store will choose the weapon that takes the advantage of a hand, andAnd cost one part-time sufficient study how to use it. 2, firearms, interpose the firearms control at China, at least this are not accorded with in China actual, calculate you to find onethe gun, you also do not have too much time to learn fire, china notHave special firearms store like the United States, it is so retire the soldier gets a gun very hard also, and firearms is dividedremote fire has definite advantage outside, have a very deadly drawback, its sound can speak moreFuneral cadaver, can let you be in imperceptibl

e in by besiege. 3, if Gong Nu happens in the team somebody can use these weapons, a big will be block of cadaver of team breakthrough funeral thenColumn, gong Nu has voice small, attack range is big, the ammo can reclaim wait for an advantage. We want to looked for to drive bladeSword, long knife is difficult, but look for a kitchen knife however especially easy, tool shop, hardware store can be your choice weaponadmirable place. Defend provided choice (d上海漏风419oes the advantage resemble game? But this is in seek to live on put) here recommends kit, comfortable, At the action, tenacity is pretty good also, a few considerations with respect to him author, athletic equipment inn should be met have football athleteUse leg guard, this kind of thing is an iron plate the shank fracture that precaution causes in intense collision. Can have oneCover rugger athlete protect providing that will be more right choice. Live place: What I should say above all is two places that infection initial stage should prevent to go: Police station and hospital, People is in get unidentified the shelter that when making a surprise attack, subliminal meeting heads for police station to seek a police, but biochemistry eruptsPeople may be in moment acedialy over there discovery piles funeral cadaver, the reason is very simple, when getting information, Capture enters police station and funeral cadaver may be become to do thug is not to be killed, be in ” hold captive ” the hard to avoid in the process of funeral cadaverThe police can be affected, and the person that because seek,shelters is overmuch, constabulary hand is less, beg very hard to theseThe person that 上海千花网轮胎be born undertakes checking, this can adulterate amid of a few person that affect, final result is self-evident. And in virusDuring the reason was not found out, the hospital will be sent the affect person that is bitten in great quantities, the hospital will be region of a tall danger. Choose temporary shelter to want to have skill, be in China, ability of defense of a lot of civilian house is very doughty, iron gate, preventProtect column, defend window, did not pull electrify net to build blockhouse with respect to difference, and civilian Courier is general population is exiguous, it is haveFuneral cadaver, 9 also are not worth awe-stricken, and there is large supermarket more near civilian house or snack inn, here is OKHave supply to the team, this need undertakes judging according to the environment. Have the three unities may most person won’tGo considering, that is a jail, biochemical crisis the 4 setting that happen is a jail, this is not chosen casuallyPlace, because the jail has thick wall, solid external defense ability, and the jail has his kitchen, Life division, can separate with the outside form to live alone system, alone prison was to raise single person morelive odds, matters concerned person lives for a long time. Above is a few opinion that after he undertake an analysis according to a few films and the literal material that read, receive, If careless mistake hopes somebody offers make a comment or criticism, although biochemical crisis is potential very distant from us, we are born firstly eventuallyHave no an opportunity to see, against a rainy day, occasionally also can yet be regarded as the origin of a kind of fun, wish will this article and bigThe home is shared.

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